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Ever have one of those moments when you realize that something was just meant to be? That’s pretty much what happened here at CREW. We saw each other from across the country and – moment of truth here – it really was love at first sight.

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Sink Your Teeth Into This

Trevor Laingchild, founder of Yorkville/Burlington Dental Studios, is one of a select few technicians in the world to become an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. His esteemed profile required that Dental Studios’ brand be aligned to the sophistication of their value proposition.

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Building a Hum

HummingbirdHill Homes had been around long enough to build an impressive portfolio, not to mention making some positive noise on HGTV as well as in Canadian House and Home magazine. However, like many entrepreneurs, Aaron Miller was so busy building his business that he was falling behind building any brand awareness. There were great stories to be told hidden away, a broken website that wasn’t up to date, and uncertainty around the name of the company going forward.

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Happy To Be Of Service

Anyone who has ever found themselves faced with the task of being creative under pressure knows how challenging it is to get outside their own head and come up with a solution that hits it out of the park. What we’ve learned over the years is the benefit of partnering with the right professionals to bring an outside perspective and expertise that ensures the desired outcome.

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Why Us?

All businesses try to differentiate themselves from their competition in order to attract new business. Riordon included. No matter the category – Design, Finance, Entertainment, Technology, Pharmaceutical, we all try to promote our value proposition and why we should be chosen over another to do business with. “Why Us?” In this attempt to do the same “but different”, we tend to rehash and rewrap “done to death” approaches and messages, so after all is said – not so different.

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