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Every year Riordon produces a unique promotional piece showcasing our design and concept capabilities. This year we’re pleased to introduce “TENacious”, a tenable exploration into the exciting world of nine plus one!
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Porter & Best

In a world where the stress of keeping pace with life’s demands is an ever-growing vortex, companies like Porter & Best promise relief.
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Neopost Canada

Lou Gizzarelli, President of Neopost Canada, approached us to help evolve the branding of their marketing materials to better reflect how the company was transforming their presence internationally.

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Chelster Hall

This unique project was initiated by Hugo Powell, former CEO of Interbrew Americas, for his awe-inspiring 10-acre estate on Lake Ontario. Inspired by a castle that was once home to Henry VIII’s second wife, Chelster Hall is the largest private residence in Canada.

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Putting the Brand into Context

Canadian journalist and media personality, Lorna Dueck, opened this television season with a bold reinvention – a gutsy rethink on the future, a strategic office relocation and a rebranding venture that got down to the business of renewed vision. Another exciting project for the Riordon team!

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A Brand New Investment

When it comes to trusting your most important financial assets to someone, you are no doubt very careful. One should be no less prudent when trusting their brand position to an agency or design firm.

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