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Dining Out in Style

For those in the culinary arts, one of the competitive advantages these days is the ability to “one-up” the competition with the presentation of their creations. Taste and quality are no longer the only differentiators, now everything else around that matters too. It makes sense then, to extend the idea of presentation to all that embellishes the experience of eating out.

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Engaging Your Market

It’s said that word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and so it goes in our partnership with Encore. Coming to us through the recommendation of a mutual colleague, Encore was already in full stride, having locked up major pitch meetings with two Fortune 500 companies.

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What’s in a Smile?

In the era of affordable, easy-to-access stock imagery, a designer is often left with the challenge of making photographs from disparate sources work together in a way that appears as though they were shot with the same standards of art direction, quality and intent.

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Anatomy of a Brand

Today’s entrepreneurs, raised in a culture cultivated in brand awareness, have a good understanding of the important role branding plays in the successful positioning of their enterprise on the global stage. But they may not be aware of how to get from business concept to brand creative.

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RGD Design at Work

We had the honour of creating the imagery, Call for Entries brochure, awards book and exhibition display graphics for the 2008 design awards program sponsored by RGD (Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario). It’s always a little intimidating being approached by such a prestigious association with very high expectations, but we welcomed the opportunity.

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