A Brand New Investment


When it comes to trusting your most important financial assets to someone, you are no doubt very careful. One should be no less prudent when trusting their brand position to an agency or design firm.

Selecting a design firm that you can trust to take you where you’re aiming to go means being assured that they know how to get you there. Their portfolio, process, experience and of course referrals should provide you with confidence in your selection. We have worked with many financial services agencies and related business over the years to help them distinguish their value proposition in the market. I always tell our clients that they need to have a very compelling reason for taking this important step of creating a new brand.

When Jonathan Wellum, CEO of Rocklinc, first contacted us, it was primarily to help build a new website for the newly formed company. And while a brand identity had already been developed, we didn’t feel it had the strength to represent his vision for this new venture. Riordon believes the brand identity has great importance, not only as a key graphic element, but as the cornerstone signature of an organization. It represents the professionalism of a business. It was our recommendation to include a review of the brand initially before proceeding with the website and other collateral. While reticent at first, Jonathan agreed and this proved to be a good decision. It enabled us to work from the ground up to distinguish his new firm’s presence in a very competitive market. Jonathan has an impressive profile as one of Canada’s most respected wealth managers, so it was important that the branding reflect his personal profile in the industry. We designed their new monogram identity and developed the tagline: “Worth. Investing.”




A style guide was established to ensure consistency in all collateral, including website development. We compiled a wish list of the particulars the client needed to have on the website, which helped to inform the site map architecture and the unique functionalities of the site. The process was forensic and thoughtful and ultimately served to deliver what was promised. Rocklinc now has a branded website that reflects the personality of the company and the audience it is intended to serve. We worked closely with Doretta Amaral, Vice-President of Rocklinc, to design the stationery elements, which included a corporate folder for the everyday needs of their business.

These stories illustrate the outcome of Riordon partnering with top performers in their field – entrepreneurs that understand the value of good branding and how it impacts perception in the market. Somewhat like a buy-and-hold strategy, investing in your brand communication gains overall return with time.



When we worked with William Poldolsky, President of Lakeshore Securities, to create this identity for his new wealth management company, there was one significant hurdle. Both he and his partner Arlene Donavan had very definite ideas about what they were looking for. The identity which they had in mind included two of the most overused icons in the world of finance – the bull and the bear – morphed together. Nonetheless, we believe we accomplished a successful union, having added “Personally Invested” as a tagline to complete their new identity. This helped to distinguish their unique promise to their clients.





Rebecca and John Horwood head up one of Richardson GMP’s star teams. As is the case in many larger firms, there is some creative license given to teams so they can distinguish their uniqueness under the company brand umbrella. While issues of compliance to both the legal and corporate standards are quite stringent in this category of business, each team makes the effort to create communications that are custom to their clients, with all the subtleties of their personality and approach to business. For the Horwood Team, it was essential to have an authentic, personalized communications piece for existing and prospective audiences. Their corporate positioning brochure is yielding the response they had hoped for.




"Although we started the corporate branding process with a degree of skepticism, in the end, we were thrilled with the result. Most importantly, Ric and the team at Riordon took the time to get to know our firm, including our core principles and investment philosophy. Their ability to translate their knowledge of our organization into a unique and creative brand was exceptional. The feedback from clients and industry peers has been phenomenal."
Jonathan Wellum, President & CEO, Rocklinc Investment Partners, Inc.


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