A Matter of Time


The first post in a series of articles by Ric Riordon on some of the worst criticism he’s received, how he handled it, and how criticism can be constructive in making us better at what we do.

It’s hard to break a habit – especially one you don’t even think about. Checking your phone and glancing at the clock can seem harmless enough, but once, during a long website meeting a CEO unexpectedly and angrily blurted out to a web developer we had contacted to join our team:

“By the way, if I catch you looking at your watch one more time during this meeting, the meeting is over and we’ll be looking elsewhere for a web design company. When you’re in my boardroom, discussing my project, you’re on my time – I’m paying for it, so don’t be clock-watching.”

No doubt, it was startling – but not completely uncalled for. It’s easy to forget that it’s not just your time that matters, but your client’s as well. Since then, I’ve always made it a practice to discreetly glance at a clock in the room, keep my phone or laptop within view, or look at the client’s watch whenever I’m interested in the time. The lesson learned here is to simply respect your client’s time more than your own.

I really do think we have a choice in how we respond to criticism and what we do with it can shape us into better designers.


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