Awarding “MO”


Just received wonderful news from the Type Director’s Club on an exciting new book we designed called, “MO”. Our book design was one of the projects selected for a Certificate of Typographic Excellence out of 2000 entries. It will be included in 8 exhibitions that will tour cities around the world.

This book is about a remarkable man — his name is Mo. Like many unsung heroes, his name will be unfamiliar. Those who know this quiet man of purpose and of his dauntless mission to serve the people of Bangula, Malawi, will appreciate the inspiration behind this visual narrative. Together, Mo and his wife, Joanna, and their three children, live and work side-by-side the poorest of the poor. Mo’s stunning photography is an opened aperture through which we see what he sees—a land of extremes, incredible deprivation, and a people who rise above the hardships with a capacity for joy.



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Oakville, ON L6J 7W5

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