McKellar is Canada’s largest structured settlement company, providing professional advice to lawyers, insurance adjusters and the injured plaintiffs they serve. Riordon’s history with the company goes way back to the ’80s when founder, Frank McKellar, pioneered the concept of structured settlements. Long before the democratization of the brand through social media, the “visioneers” at McKellar chose to invest in building brand awareness and reputation – and continue to do so to maintain their edge on industry leadership. From our original mandate to create the McKellar logo (circa 1980) to current brand stewardship, Riordon has created and overseen all aspects of McKellar’s brand positioning in corporate print collateral, interactive and advertising.



  • Brand Identity
  • Messaging
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Corporate Video
  • Website

Light travels at a speed of approximately 186,282,397 miles per second.

Almost as fast as McKellar.
Riordon listens, and because of that, they understand our culture, our industry and our expectations, which is the foundation of our long relationship and the success their creative team brings to advancing our business goals. – RALPH FENIK, PRESIDENT, MCKELLAR


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