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Why Us?

All businesses try to differentiate themselves from their competition in order to attract new business. Riordon included. No matter the category – Design, Finance, Entertainment, Technology, Pharmaceutical, we all try to promote our value proposition and why we should be chosen over another to do business with. “Why Us?” In this attempt to do the same “but different”, we tend to rehash and rewrap “done to death” approaches and messages, so after all is said – not so different.

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A Matter of Time

The first post in a series of articles by Ric Riordon on some of the worst criticism he’s received, how he handled it, and how criticism can be constructive in making us better at what we do.

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Pixel Perfect

Just recently, Google changed its identity. They moved the “g” and “l” each one pixel to the right and the “l” down one pixel. It wasn’t a major redesign and could barely even be considered a tweak.

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Anatomy of a Brand

Today’s entrepreneurs, raised in a culture cultivated in brand awareness, have a good understanding of the important role branding plays in the successful positioning of their enterprise on the global stage. But they may not be aware of how to get from business concept to brand creative.

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Inside Out

Should we contract a design firm to help us with our branding and communications? Or, would it be less expensive to set up an in-house creative department to help our corporate, sales and marketing teams?

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