Creating Brand New Spaces


Riordon is pleased to publish our latest video, Brand New Spaces, featuring a unique dimension of our brand design firm.


Our passion for architecture and interior design influences how we bring clients’ brands to life in their workspaces. From media to retail to corporate, we’ve had some great opportunities over the years to “brand new spaces.”

This latest video we’ve produced is intended to put the spotlight on two aspects of our creative services as a multi-disciplinary design firm: design / build of spaces and video brand design. The video by example illustrates the power of kinetic storytelling and has become a primary way in which we help our clients. A good story, well told, has always been the best way to engage an audience. The internet provides the perfect platform to take your brand beyond arduous narrative and static images to “edutain” your audience about why you do what you do. Two important considerations in creating a brand experience.


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