Giving and Receiving from the Heart


Giving is better than receiving… so true. But if you’re a charitable organization, receiving is just as important too. Thanks to Mark Petersen and his newly established organization, Stronger Philanthropy, giving AND receiving are brought together for the best outcomes that benefit both parties

Philanthropy exists for many reasons – tax write-off purposes, a shared belief in a cause, supporting the human need for compassion and care to name a few. Whatever the reason one has to give, they sometimes need help with the actual process and management of a given donation. The same goes for those charitable organization on the receiving end. They also need help with profile, exposure, finding the right partner and the management of a donation.

Enter Stronger Philanthropy, an organization dedicated to providing professional back office management services for Canadian foundations and major donors. They facilitate strategic and visionary giving to charitable work, usually in collaboration with a group of major givers. The Stronger Philanthropy team is seasoned with 25 years of cumulative expertise in managing Canadian foundations. They offer their well-established networks and experience to ensure philanthropic giving brings joy, not burden or stress.


As with many clients who engage Riordon, Stronger Philanthropy has strong organizational structure and process (brand actions), but lacked in how to best tell their story and present themselves visually (brand expressions), including how to communicate their unique approach to philanthropic management. At the heart of the matter (pun intended) is Mark’s deep belief to care and love for those who are generous enough to give – and for those who are in need of donations. Recognizing that every donor and charitable organization is unique, he wanted to create something that would bring both parties to the table and bridge the gap.

In response to this, we designed a brand identity and tagline that captured the essence of that concept – two fingerprints (uniqueness of each donor and receiver) coming together together to form a heart. ‘Love Giving Well’ as a qualifying tagline speaks to exactly that, the love of giving (donor), while ‘Well’ speaks to prosperity and growth of the supported organization (receiver). From there we rolled out the brand in application by developing a corporate communications suite, a marketing and social media presence, sub-brands for their sub-categories, developing a mission statement, website direction and a brand standards manual to help ensure the integrity of the brand is maintained in future application.


1400 Cornwall Road, Suite 4A
Oakville, ON L6J 7W5

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