Great news for you, great news for us!


Ever have one of those moments when you realize that something was just meant to be? That’s pretty much what happened here at CREW. We saw each other from across the country and – moment of truth here – it really was love at first sight.

As a leading brand and communications firm based in Oakville, Ontario, Riordon Design Group is pleased to announce it has merged with CREW Marketing Partners from British Columbia.

The partnership with CREW will further expand Riordon’s product and service offerings while giving CREW a strong premier profile in the southern Ontario business sector.

It will also add more value and top tier expertise for Riordon’s clients and we’ll add to CREW’s growing team of specialists in marketing management, content production studios, web and digital, graphic design and social media.

What does it mean for you? Find out more here.


1400 Cornwall Road, Suite 4A
Oakville, ON L6J 7W5

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