Is Your Brand Set to Cruise Control?


For the past three years, Riordon has worked with a national insurance company, Faithlife Financial, serving as their off-site design communications department.

So you have everything in place – a brand identity, essential collateral and a solid marketing plan to position your business offering. You paid your branding firm to create a standards manual – pre-established templates and guiding principles to ensure that your company would have a professional, consistent presentation to market. Land on “Go” and take two steps forward.

But in the ever-changing world of business it became clear that your communications were no longer running concurrently with new and emerging opportunities. Two years down the road you realized that your collateral was beginning to look, well… “templated”. The brand guidelines have been technically observed, but your marketing communications lacked evolution. In short, your company brand had been on cruise control.

Riordon has developed brand manuals for many different companies. We advocate the need to have ground rules and predetermined guidelines in place – but a brand manual is just that, “a guideline”. What’s often missing is the discerning expert insight on how to control consistency while continuing to evolve your market position. When it comes to shaping a brand, can we ever discount the value of projection and the human ingenuity that keeps a brand inventive?




The Riordon team is a vital extension of our internal marketing team. They have helped us protect our brand, expand our brand palette and have coached us in regard to powerful messaging. Together, we have developed our new website and collateral materials running the full gamut from brochures to Member magazines, ad campaigns and much more. We appreciate the opportunity to work alongside them as they provide us with the most innovative and creative designs every single day. The Riordon team is brilliant!
Marta LoFranco, Manager, Marketing & Communications


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