Jacaranda Christmas Card


For 2014’s Christmas promotional piece, we put our creativity to work in support of good people doing good things for the women and children in Nairobi, Kenya and our friends at the Jacaranda Community.

Founders Garry and Brenda Kean and their four daughters are frontline workers in one of the largest slums in the world, Kibera – an area covering one square mile, housing approximately one million people without running water or sewer systems. With job creation through the trade of sewing, women are learning how to provide and care for their children in practical and sustainable ways.




A Christmas card was designed to communicate the initiative and Riordon’s own well wishes to clients, partners and colleagues. Given the uniqueness of every snowflake, Riordon used these winter holiday icons as a visual metaphor to connect with the fact that every person on earth is a unique individual. The messaging “As unique as every snowflake that falls down… so too is every person that needs picking up” ties the concept to the initiative of supporting the people of the Jacaranda Community.

The card design was based on a 4-panel square card with a conventional snowflake on the cover and a second snowflake made out of people on the inside. Each snowflake panel was foiled with a festive holiday colour and laser-cut out to add intrigue and reveal portions of the panel underneath. A supplemental card was inserted which further explained the initiative, donation and direction to the Jacaranda Community website to learn more. The cards were placed in custom printed envelopes to match the design of the contents and complete the package. As well, an electronic version was sent out as a Christmas greeting.

For more information on the Jacaranda Community and how you can help, visit their website.








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