Neopost Canada


Lou Gizzarelli, President of Neopost Canada, approached us to help evolve the branding of their marketing materials to better reflect how the company was transforming their presence internationally.

Neopost has offices in 16 countries, so there were certain challenges in providing a unique expression of the brand without straying too far from their international responsibilities of stewardship and standards. The main driver was the new design of their website. While not yet in place in Canada, other countries had already adopted and implemented the new design and we had to consider how the marketing material we were designing would dovetail with their new website once launched.

We stayed within the standards while bringing to life the brand expression mainly through the introduction of a metallic silver to complement their corporate red (used sparingly as the power colour) and an overall cleaner, simpler design. With the introduction of a metallic, it meant we needed to create metallic versions of some of their existing assets, and in doing so, we identified areas where the existing digital assets needed improvement. There were slight proportional inconsistencies with the icon from one file to another and odd “kinks” and heavy areas in the letterforms of the wordmark – which we redrew to rectify. While these details might not have been noticed by most and may seem minor or insignificant, it’s these kind of details which we take pride in making perfect.

Once in place, the new design direction was applied to business cards, presentation folders and covers, letterhead, envelopes, binders, note cards and thank you cards. The new website has since been launched, the marketing collateral is in place, and we have a happy client.






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