Porter & Best

In a world where the stress of keeping pace with life’s demands is an ever-growing vortex, companies like Porter & Best promise relief.

Whether helping aging parents get to their medical appointments, managing a renovation or arranging a special family event, Porter & Best is there to serve a comprehensive network of people ready for premier service.

In this rapidly growing market which caters to the needs of young professionals, and the boomer / zoomer demographic, a unique brand position makes all the difference. This new venture came with lots of experience behind it and a network of professional relationships.

Riordon was engaged to develop a name that would reflect the company’s high-end services and a tagline that would distinguish their value proposition. Once the name was adopted, we designed a brand that would further define that distinction.

After a comprehensive process, the brand was then applied to both print and web. As with any new enterprise, the challenge is keeping up to the constantly evolving vision the client has for their business.

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We have been working with Riordon over this past year, and we would highly recommend this team. Beyond their services, Riordon brings integrity to every client, particularly in specialized branding.
Judith McCann, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Porter & Best


1400 Cornwall Road, Suite 4A
Oakville, ON L6J 7W5

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