Putting the Brand into Context


Canadian journalist and media personality, Lorna Dueck, opened this television season with a bold reinvention – a gutsy rethink on the future, a strategic office relocation and a rebranding venture that got down to the business of renewed vision. Another exciting project for the Riordon team!



Any progressive venture requires seasons of cultivation – a bringing to the surface of those things that may be in the way of new growth. And often, opportunity is the catalyst for this “harrowing” process. Lorna Dueck, being the forward thinker that she is, understood this whe n she was presented with an opportunity to relocate her office and production team to the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto. The timing was right to take a good look at the lay of the land – starting with the show’s name.

With current associations and alliances, it was felt that the show needed a name that would better reflect the people and intentions behind it. Through the consultive process it was also determined that Lorna Dueck, the host’s name, had greater brand recognition than the show name itself.





Riordon develops names for many new products, programs and companies. Each assignment we undertake is unique because of the people involved and the opportunity at hand. For instance, early on in the process it was determined that “Lorna Dueck” was more widely known than the title of her show (formerly ListenUp). We also referred to the nomenclature of other similar, successful shows. There appeared to be a running theme of co-branding the host with the show name. This was only one step toward defining the criteria. Of course, “owning” the name, particularly the dot com, was also a high priority.

Following research and a creative think session, we presented to Lorna, her team and the Board of Directors several name options, all of which aligned with the given mandate. From these, a narrowed few were selected for further development. Where we landed was the name “Context”. It served to clarify the intent of the TV program, and when co-branded with Lorna’s name, became “ownable” as a brand. A tagline made the positioning complete: “Context with Lorna Dueck: Life beyond the headlines.”



A customized bold sans-serif font was used to ensure legibility in all applications. Lower case letters helped create a posture of humility and openness, with the rounded letter forms providing a human feel. The word “Context” was placed within a two-way speech bubble, implying a conversation between two people or between God and us. The colour blue, introduced in a previous brand refresh, was carried forward to ensure a successful transition. It provided a great feature colour to contrast the duotones and white and grey palette we were introducing into the office space.





After establishing a foundation for brand roll out of various applications, Riordon designed the interior space for the new office.

We set to work on floor plans with the goal of organizing the leased space to optimize flow and function. Creating an RFP to guide scope and costing was an integral part of the up front “design” process – and from there, a concrete block of empty spaces became a branded place of operation for the team of Context With Lorna Deck.







Thank you for all you've done and continue to do. It has been a heroic achievement to move us downtown under the 'Context' banner.
Jeff Groenwald, Business Development, Context with Lorna Deck


1400 Cornwall Road, Suite 4A
Oakville, ON L6J 7W5

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