Restructure, Refocus, Rebrand


There’s a saying, “find your passion and you’ll find your niche”. For Bill Hicks, nothing could sum it up better than that.

An internationally recognized architectural firm, Hicks Partners decided to exclusively focus on designing distinctive private residences and masterful clubhouses – leaving the commercial side of the business. It was a shift that signified Bill’s true penchant and artistry, evidenced by his impressive hand renderings which he still uses for initial proposals. Along with a change in business focus, there was restructuring in the partnership which required a renaming, reflective of their niche positioning. They came to Riordon with “Hicks Design Studio” and the challenge to create a brand around it.

While Bill is the visionary and leads the studio, he also has a collective of passionate, experienced and skilled design professionals – dedicated to their craft of producing creative, compelling and authentic architectural solutions that realize their client’s dream. Known for their range of customization, we needed to create a brand identity that acted as a signature for their diverse portfolio — one that connected back to their name and business vertical but not necessarily suggestive of a defined style. The approved solution is a customized “H”, crafted out of one continuous line that flows into the shape of a hexagon. It is simple and direct, producing a three-dimensional illusion of a spacial plan — designed to be an ambigram (a shape that reads the same when turned upside down).


Once in place, we rolled out the new identity into a sophisticated and tactile stationery suite where the icon is embossed and clear foiled — little details that emulate the studio’s elegant detail in their own work. Building on the evolution of the brand identity, Riordon designed and developed a fully responsive website to present the studio’s portfolio, qualifying Hicks’ approach and body of work. Feel free to visit to see more.



1400 Cornwall Road, Suite 4A
Oakville, ON L6J 7W5

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