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We had the honour of creating the imagery, Call for Entries brochure, awards book and exhibition display graphics for the 2008 design awards program sponsored by RGD (Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario). It’s always a little intimidating being approached by such a prestigious association with very high expectations, but we welcomed the opportunity.

The 2008 theme, “Connecting the Dots – Between Business and Design”, provided a broad creative platform for conceptual development, and we took the task on with plenty of fervour. The concept evolved nicely and we’re all very proud of the outcome and response to it.

Design at Work is an annual juried exhibition of professional graphic design that demonstrates how design creates value for business. The criteria for each submission is that it must be accompanied by a miniature case study of how design can impact the client’s ability to communicate messages to key stakeholders and convey qualities with clarity, consistency and energy.

We appreciated the definition of our industry in this year’s book. “Graphic Design is an interdisciplinary, problem-solving activity that combines visual sensitivity with skill and a knowledge in areas of communications, technology and business. Graphic designers specialize in the structuring and organizing of visual information to aid communication and orientation.” For years we’ve been explaining our career vocation to everyone from parents to friends. This sums it up well.




The “connect-the-dots” concept explores the winning value of design in the world of business. By connecting the dots, or drawing in what’s missing, design helps us see what’s already there. Whatever the medium, design visualizes information into something we can identify and relate to. In essence, design completes the picture.

For the various award sections, similar interplay of image and connect-the-dots illustration carries the concept and appropriately reflects the category of design represented.




While the juried process is stringent and the bar very high, the bonus for us this year was that one of our pieces was also selected by the judges for honourable mention and profiled in both the book and exhibition. To be numbered among the best our nation has to offer in design communications made our involvement even more rewarding.



“On behalf of the Board of Directors and the members of RGD Ontario, I want to thank you and everyone at Riordon for the beautiful design of the Design at Work 2008 book and exhibit.”
Hilary Ashworth, Director of Communications, RGD Ontario


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