Every year Riordon produces a unique promotional piece showcasing our design and concept capabilities. This year we’re pleased to introduce “TENacious”, a tenable exploration into the exciting world of nine plus one!
CC_Tenacious_web According to psychologists, at 10 years of age the mind is bustling with activity – full of imagination and open to creative possibility. It’s a threshold year, the first-decade landmark for discovery and awareness. At ten, we’re the future trend-setters. For greater insight into “being ten”, Riordon Design invited ten girls and ten boys to take ten pictures of what they found interesting – and include a brief explanation about each photograph. Our sincere thanks to all who participated! This book is a collection of those thoughts and images. From all of us at Riordon Design, may you be inspired by the tenaciously curious number X.  

If you’d like to order a copy of this custom book from Riordon Design, we’d love to send you one. Just give us a call at 905.339.0750 or email us at info@riordondesign.com to provide us with your address and payment arrangements. The cost is $45.00 per book, which includes shipping. Payment must be made by cheque or email. Once we’ve received payment we’ll send the book your way.

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