The Music of Giving Back


Riordon Design has been designing award winning packaging for the music industry almost as long as we’ve been working with our client, KeanCo.

Our ability to represent a recording artist is well-matched with clients who also champion for even greater causes than their own personal gain. We’ve been partnering with non-profits since our inception, helping them build their vision, mission and communications platform and better position their brand.

In the world of business, we’re seeing a new kind of altruistic capitalism emerging. International business leaders with social conscience (and resources) are influencing how consumers “feel” about a brand. As a result, the moral good of giving back has become popular.

Big brands have taught the consumer that it feels good to give. This culture of conscience has also heightened expectations for non-profits to be more credible and compelling in their positioning. Due to competing “asks”, having a good cause is no longer good enough. Non-profit organizations are realizing the value of branding, marketing and communication to position their cause and raise funds to support it. Raising awareness leads to raising support.

Garry Kean, the Director of KeanCo, has used his influence in Nashville as a writer, performer and recording artist to create product to help fund philanthropic initiatives. When they’re not travelling around the globe, the Keans spend much of their time at home in Nairobi, Kenya, working with women to provide Fair Trade opportunities and support through a micro business called Jacaranda Community. The sale of their products helps support the women and their children.

We had the pleasure of working with Garry to design the new package art for his latest CD release “Songs from the Aftermath”, which can be purchased through iTunes or directly from his website.





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