The Neo Neopost


We live in a technology-driven world where change is inevitable… but is that what really drives business?

Since its inception in 1924, Neopost has always embraced and been at the forefront of technology in delivering mail – recognizing that the world continually moves faster, information flows more freely, and connections are made in an instant. That said, in this age of multichannel communications where relations are increasingly dependent on technology, Neopost believes that one thing still remains unchanged: the main driver for success is people. Technology may make our lives easier, but human relationships are what really drive business.

Relationships and interaction shape who Neopost is as an organization and as a brand. Every one of their products and services is designed to improve customers’ interactions. From traditional mail to digital communications and shipping services, everything is focused on connecting people, working more efficiently, and bringing everyone closer together.

This belief to bring people closer together was the driving force in a global rebrand headed by the Paris based branding agency CBA. The new brand slogan «Send. Receive. Connect» summarizes Neopost’s intent in an ever-evolving environment. The new logo is based on the letter N for Neopost and visually suggests the symbol for mail or email, as well as the infinity symbol – reflecting the mission to create enduring interactions through pertinent communications. Green has been chosen as the new Neopost power colour to evoke growth, harmony and safety. Growth, because Neopost is an evolving group. Harmony, because the brand is recognized for its human values. And safety, because Neopost’s customers have confidence in the brand, thanks to its many years of experience.

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Given our previous relationship with Neopost, Riordon was contracted to interpret, implement and roll out the new brand in all corporate print communications for the Canadian audience. This is our third iteration of the brand evolution over the past 10 years and as always, we enjoy working with this progressive and well-managed organization.

neopost, stationery, business card, letterhead , thank you card, envelope, pocket folder

neopost, stationery, business card, letterhead , thank you card, envelope


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