This Christmas With You


Two traditions of the Christmas season are music and giving. So combining them both – in a Christmas album with proceeds going entirely to charity – seems very apropos!

Longstanding client and friend, Garry Kean, has worked with Riordon for the packaging of his last two albums, Long Road and Songs from the Aftermath. His newest project, This Christmas with You, is a collection of both new and traditional Christmas music, released through Dream Records, a subsidiary of Capitol Records.

In an age where the majority of music is streamed or downloaded, creating a cover design that stands out (at a small size) is crucial. That said, it seems we’re trending back to vinyl and tactile product, which may signify a return to consumer appreciation for beautifully designed packaging. Who would have thunk?

For artists like Garry Kean, his focus is on what the music can do for people – share a little joy, lighten a few hearts, and inspire giving toward the less fortunate. When he’s not recording and performing, Garry and his family are frontline workers in one of the largest slums in the world in Nairobi, Kenya. With job creation through the trade of sewing, women are learning how to provide and care for their children in practical and sustainable ways. All the proceeds from the sales of This Christmas with You will be going straight back to the women and children in the Jacaranda Community.

Music has never been so… generous!

Be sure to check out Garry’s website, where you can purchase the album and learn more about his work with Jacaranda Community.


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