What’s in a Name?


No longer a luxury for only big businesses, “brand” is a necessity for any company that wants to be taken seriously.

Whether you have intention of growing beyond your current boundaries or not, you simply can’t afford to be perceived as just another “local schmokel” operation. We’re all so exposed to world class brands and their influence through the internet that the bar has been raised for everyone.

When Bryan Maltby, Senior Partner of Brady & Maltby Financial Services first approached us, they were facing an ownership change that provided a unique opportunity to reinvent everything – their name, tagline, brand platform, brand identity, stationery, collateral material, signage and a website redesign. This family-focused, Niagara-based financial services firm had established a reputable and trusted presence in their community, but they needed to refresh their presence in the market and position themselves for future growth and a new generation of business.

When it comes to naming, ownership, trademarking and registering domains, things have become very complex. Over the years of creating names for companies, campaigns and products for our clients, we’ve fine-tuned our process. By partnering with IP lawyers and doing the due diligence and research required at the front end, this can be a less daunting process. That said, the challenge is now international and coming up with a name that’s “ownable” is no easy task. Sometimes this requires an invented name that implies a category of business, brand personality or value proposition, and other times a unique combination of key words.


One rule we’ve traditionally used as part of securing a new name is owning it in tandem with one or more of the commonly used domain extensions: .com, .ca, .org, etc. However, this is changing particularly in lieu of new options opening up, creating all kinds of exciting opportunities – for example, we’ve recently adopted “riordon.design”. You can now register a domain with a category of business as an alternative to the traditionally held domain extensions, like .lawyer, .technology, .school, .healthcare, etc.



Having gone through an initial name creation process and selecting a name that excited our client, it was denied by the IP lawyer in the second tier of investigation. This setback didn’t end the process but challenged us to go back to the think tank. By combining the words “advisor” and “compliant”, we were able to create a new name that not only aligned with the attributes of their brand platform, but reflected the professionalism they were aspiring to present in this new chapter of business. We were able to contextualize it with their category and model of business by marrying it with “Financial Partners”. This name cleared the various legal tests of ownership, including approval from their partner alliance, Fundex Investments.

Once the name and tagline were chosen – “Adviant Financial Partners – Personal Care. Professional Advice” – we took the client through a process that explored design options, expressing the name and personality in the context of a brand identity. This was a comprehensive overhaul, taking Adviant from a new name to bringing life to the brand identity in all of their communications and even their workspace.

“It's been a tremendous pleasure to work with Riordon through this exciting transformation and we can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us to help the vision become a reality.”
Brian Maltby, President


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