The Canadian Bible Society is an institution almost as old as Confederation—and has no doubt helped to shape and inspire many of the great things we love about our country today. We were excited about taking this organization to a new generation with a more relevant interpretation of their brand—refreshing the group’s 30-year-old icon and adding a new tagline: “The Word. For Life.”


We also applied the branding to the organization’s website, news magazine, stationery and other marketing collateral. One of the larger initiatives was around their key publication, Bible Matters, which we renamed, Word at Work. While a significant profile enhancement piece, it had been a loss leader from an ROI standpoint. By merging another campaign, “Bible-A-Month Club” into Word at Work and changing the design and emphasis of the content, we were able to help CBS realize increasing returns on this initiative.


THE INSIDE STORY: What we’ve found is content management systems work well for companies who know how to self-govern their brand. Too often the website design originally invested in loses integrity as the site evolves. An in-house service may have the technical skill to accommodate website updates, however experience in brand stewardship is also required. A comprehensive style guide that provides basic direction and/or consultation support on an ongoing basis is an option we like to offer to our clients. The brand journey continues with our friends at CBS.