Every design firm needs its hero stories and CORUS Entertainment is one of ours. It was a tremendous pleasure working through the name creation and design of one of Canada’s largest media brands.


The brand identity was designed to capture the spirit of the youthful entertainment the company would broadcast. The playful name reflected the musical metaphor of many parts coming together to perform harmoniously. While each letter in the word CORUS was uniquely designed to represent the various media personalities, collectively they formed a complementary typographic to brand this new media entity. We worked closely with senior management to launch the new brand and develop a Style Guide for all applications in print and online. We also had the privilege of designing their annual report for several years.


THE INSIDE STORY: The selected brand identity was initially rejected by the decision makers. In a subsequent meeting, Ric Riordon prefaced things by addressing company founder, JR Shaw, with a smile and said, “Mr. Shaw, we really believe this is the right identity for your new company and feel it deserves a second look—primarily because of its strength in representing the brand attributes we’ve all agreed to...and also because it matches your tie.” We got them before they knew we got them. The strength of their enduring brand proves that to be so.