Brain Capital


The Honourable Michael Wilson (Roundtable Senior Chairman) and Mr. Bill Wilkerson (Roundtable Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO) co-authored and recently presented to the public and media, "Brain Health + Brain Skills = Brain Capital", a 10 year global business and economic roundtable report on the impact of addiction and mental health in the workplace. Riordon Design had the pleasure of working with Bill Wilkerson and Kim Sunderland over the past year titling and designing this prestigious 70 page document.


This ground-breaking project on mental health and its economic implications was sponsored by The Great-West LIfe Assurance Company, Homewood Health and Bell Canada. Part of the attraction to our firm for this assignment was our experience with Homewood over the past several years, shaping their corporate communications and more specifically our Annual Report design for them. Bill Wilkerson wanted the document to have a presence and appeal equal to the substantive nature of the content, without being over designed.


We identified the need to create a cover that visually and intelligently captured the interest of the reader while setting the stage for an almost book-like volume of information. The piece needed to look corporate, yet human – scientific, but not sterile. In order to keep the piece from becoming monotonous, we designed chapter pages to introduce new sections of content that were visually tied to the cover design. We also added photographs sparingly, as well as charts and diagrams to illustrate particular points of highlight and break up the content into manageable amounts.



There were actually two components to the document, the "Final Report" and "The Grey Paper". Part one of the Final Report details the ten years from 1998 through 2011, assessing year by year their research findings. Part two of the Final Report proposes some analysis of their research and findings, from both a medical and economic standpoint.


For "The Grey Paper" portion we used a grey tint to help partition that section at the close of the report. It starts with a title page and photograph, "New Workplace of the 21st Century – toward a productivity revolution through mental health & innovation. This section proposes a new paradigm in the workplace recommending measures that can be taken to turn this challenge into opportunity through science and greater corporate awareness to change in the workplace.


The media coverage and corporate sponsorship behind this document is certainly getting the attention desired and we were honoured to be entrusted with such an important design challenge.