Creative Direction Distinguishes Business


Buying ideas and creative outcomes can be stressful. Like anything of custom construction—purchasing the unseen puts even greater need for confidence in the craftsperson.



Finding a right fit becomes essential. The category of “graphic design” or “corporate communications” is very broad. It’s important for a client to know what they’re purchasing and how suitable it is for corporate objectives.


Riordon is known primarily for our ability to provide excellent creative direction—direction that considers the overarching objectives of a business. Every element of good communication and branding, be it advertising, marketing or corporate initiative, requires competent creative leadership. Without professional creative direction orchestrating the overall process of design, photography, illustration, copywriting, video production, web design—or any aspect of brand expression—the outcome becomes hit and miss.



A good example of the value good creative direction can bring to a company is the catalogue project we developed for The John Forsyth Shirt Company.


They came to us looking to overcome the challenge of packaging diverse brands together in a more streamlined aesthetic. Their previous catalogues lacked focus and style continuity. With the various brands they carry competing for attention, busy with conflicting colour and graphics, we identified the need to invest in a good creative writer and a professional photographer to do a custom shoot.


We always ask, “What is the end goal?” In this case we were attempting to help the client deliver on the declaration of their tagline, “We make clothes that fit into your lifestyle”, be it business or casual. The product shots needed to reflect a lifestyle vibe that was clean, simple and uncluttered. The copywriting supported that approach by being engaging yet to the point.