Re:Maxing a Brand


When two powerhouse agents come together to create an even stronger business under the Remax brand it can provide an interesting trial run on compatibility. In this case, they have passed the test exceedingly well—no easy task when you're competing in one of North America's top markets.


This story of reinvention required a full suite of skill sets in creating the image of a new team: Joette Fielding and Mary Ann Schiralli, two ladies at the top of their game—but searching for new heights.



We've gone through this reinvention process with many leading agents in the Toronto area—in fact, having helped Mary Ann brand her career launch a few years earlier, gave us some standing in working with her again and her new business partner. Given the nature and competitiveness of the real estate business, being known, being seen and being recommended is imperative for success.


In order to better differentiate this new team, we looked at developing a unique nomenclature for positioning, one that had a memorable appeal to higher-end clients, yet not “too exclusive” at the risk of isolating first- or second-time clients in the market. The name needed to capture the benefits of having both of these two top-producing agents and their potential team on your side, and ultimately put them top-of-mind in the Oakville real estate market. Initially our approach became challenging in accommodating the Remax brand hierarchy, so we refocused on the personality of the ladies—bold, confident, sophisticated, efficient, friendly and honest. With this in mind, we designed a brand identity that was based on clean typography and bold colour application so that, at a glance, it's recognizable as the Fielding & Schiralli Team. We helped them snag the phrase "We Know Oakville", not only as a tagline, but also as a URL. This provided a great positioning as leaders in their category and area, as well as a jump board for much of the messaging that was developed to market them.



As part of the rollout, we developed "teaser" ads that got just the buzz they were hoping for. Before the brand reveal went public a series of three full-page ads hit the media sequentially, declaring, "Two of Oakville's top producing agents are teaming up", then a second ad, "One team that knows Oakville", followed by the third ad as the crescendo, introducing Joette Fielding and Mary Ann Schiralli as the Fielding & Schiralli Team.


Classic in application and direct in communication, the brand was then extended and applied to many marketing and collateral templates—stationery, ad templates, for sale & open house signs, trade show banners, sales presentation, direct mail and a website refresh. Another unique initiative was extending the brand with a vehicle wrap of a van, which is parked at different strategic places in the city for the day—serving as a moving billboard and receiving lots of profile. Whether it's the van, an ad in the paper, or a for sale sign two blocks down the road, you can't miss the Fielding & Schiralli brand.



"Thank-you for your fantastic work! It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Riordon team. You've always gone the extra mile to make it all come together for us and we very much appreciate it. Your attention to detail is outstanding, as well as your amazing customer service. We are very pleased with the entire package that you created for us!"


Fielding & Schiralli