One of Canada’s most prestigious architectural firms, Hicks Partners needed to rebrand to reflect a new corporate structure. They decided to update their website at the same time. While the legal corporate name would remain Hicks Partnerships Inc., Riordon proposed a change in the marketing brand to “Hicks Partners—Distinctive Architecture” to better communicate a partnership approach with both clients and trades. The new brand identity uses two shapes for the “H” letterform to convey both partnership and architecture.


Since we created the firm’s first website over 12 years ago, technology had come a long way. So had Hicks Partners. We designed hickspartners.ca to function as an introduction to the partners, but more importantly as an online portfolio of the firm’s work. Small on copy and big on images, the site showcases five categories of work. Prospective clients can easily access an extensive portfolio of projects according to their interests. A picture is still worth a thousand words and is often what qualifies a firm with would-be clients who are exploring their options.


THE INSIDE STORY: Surprisingly, one of the greatest challenges with clients in design and architecture categories is convincing them of the importance to produce and maintain portfolio imagery. It requires an ongoing commitment to a professional photographer to ensure that every new project is visually documented. You just can’t turn a digital snapshot into a beautifully lit, professionally shot photograph—even with proficient Photoshop skills.