We’ve been part of McKellar since they were a small startup in a Guelph plaza in the early 1980s. Today they are Canada’s largest structured settlement company with staff from coast to coast. We have been responsible for their brand, both as its creators and its stewards, overseeing print, interactive communications and advertising.


Following a brand audit and review of their current position in the market, we recently proposed an advertising campaign that promotes McKellar’s ever evolving brand qualities. By defining their competitive advantage as one of leadership in the industry, we devised a campaign that focused on the team players and their strengths—the message that people define leadership. The campaign continues to unfold. Plans are underway to promote McKellar’s new App for Blackberry and iPhones, introducing a QR code for immediate access to their microsite. It’s another example of McKellar modelling leadership in tradition and innovation.


THE INSIDE STORY: Many moons ago when Ric Riordon was first starting in the business, he designed record album jackets. Frank McKellar happened to be escorting his daughter to a concert to see a recording artist whom Ric had designed a package for. After the concert, while Frank was purchasing the record, he asked who had designed the cover. That was the beginning of our valued, long-time association with McKellar Structured Settlements.