We had the wonderful opportunity to work with one of Canada’s most exquisite interior designers. Wendy Reimer is a known professional regarding all things interior and architectural. A website project often turns into a branding exercise. Because a website is like an avatar—a public face—it requires great intentionality in order to control general perception. While mapping out the strategy, the defining word for the Reimer brand became “BEAUTIFUL”. Everything about the website needed to emulate that descriptive.


Creating an accurate impression of “the Wendy brand” required exquisite photography. Toronto photographer, Donna Griffith, was selected because of her wide experience in home lifestyle interiors for leading publications such as American Country Living, Canadian House & Home, Chatelaine, Canadian Living, Style at Home, to name a few. Together, we carefully planned and styled each shot, including Wendy’s portraits.


THE INSIDE STORY: There were great synergies at work on this project. It’s true, design principles are universal—balance, form, contrast, scale, focal points, visual hierarchy—much of the same thinking that goes into designing a room applies to designing a website, or a photograph for that matter. Many heads came together—and we think Wendy would agree, her website turned out to be...beautiful.