Speroway (formerly FTC Canada) came to us with a brand dilemma—an identity crisis of sorts. The name for which the acronym FTC stood (Feed The Children) was not legally theirs to use. The reason for this is a long story but suffice to say it created much confusion regarding brand distinction. Often confused with Feed The Children Canada—and having evolved beyond just feeding children, FTC’s vision had outgrown its brand. We renamed the group “Speroway”, based on the Latin word for hope, to represent a hopeful way forward, both for the organization and the people they assist.


Change is always difficult, so providing consultative support on this launch was extremely important to the client in terms of public perception and timing sequence. We planned out the various elements that were required for adaptation and how they should be staged for audiences. Writing the announcement letter, addressing direct mail templates, designing stationery and marketing materials, developing the website, truck signage, event t-shirts etc.—the roll out required intense logistics. Check out the website: speroway.com and be sure to watch the Brand Story Video.


THE INSIDE STORY: There were at least two FTCs in Canada and one in the U.S., and numerous acronyms that simply rendered the client’s name and position not “ownable”. That is to say, this kind of nomenclature is counterpoint to distinguishing a brand, with a few exceptions such as IBM. With online communications being key to success, being able to own your brand’s .com is extremely important to ensure your name rises to the top and can be easily found when searching online. In today’s global market, it’s a significant challenge.